Master blacksmith Garry Kalajian in the Blacksmith Teaching Studio.

At one time the town blacksmith created almost everything anyone needed made from metal – nails, knives, kitchen utensils, horseshoes, hinges and latches for doors and windows, etc.. Blacksmiths were the all-around inventors and repairmen of their day. Sanborn Mills Farm is dedicated to preserving the traditional skills if blacksmithing and offers workshops from April to November each year.


Our well-equipped Blacksmith Studio is in a timber framed structure located in a quiet corner of the farm. It has four student forges and a teaching forge, all fueled with coal. Each forge is equipped with an anvil, a vice, hammers and tongs, and a quench barrel. Students are welcome to use the wide range of tools in the studio and bring personal tools to work with as well.


Garry helping a student.

Individuals must be a minimum of 18 years old to participate in blacksmith workshops and open forge sessions. Safety glasses are required at all times while working in the blacksmith studio and ear protection is recommended; both are provided. Covered shoes or boots are also required and we recommend wearing clothes made from natural fibers and a leather apron.

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