Learn traditional blacksmithing and bladesmithing in a coal forge. 

About Our Studio

Learn more about our timber framed structure with coal forges. 

Blacksmithing Basics

Blacksmithing Basics is for students who are new to blacksmithing and those with some experience looking to improve their skillset. The workshop is held is many times throughout the season. Find the date that works for you!



Learn to forge a blade and create a finished object. 

Techniques and Topics in Blacksmithing

Learn special techniques, like joinery and forge welding, and create special objects such as door hardware, candlesticks, or your own set of smithing tools. 


Safety in the Studio is our biggest priority. Students are required to use eye protection at all times, wear sturdy covered shoes, and arrive in clothing made from natural fibers. We recommend wearing ear protection and a leather apron. During a workshop, students will learn to work in the studio safely, including ergonomics. 

Age Requirement

The minimum age to attend a regularly scheduled Blacksmithing workshop is 16 years. We have set this age to ensure a safe, productive, and community-building experience for all of our students. There are no exceptions. 

Workshop Policies

Please read all of our workshop policies before registering for a class.


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