COVID-19 Updates


Spring Workshops Update

April 5th, 2021

The Sanborn Mills Farm staff has made the tough decision to cancel all workshops and public programs in April, May, and June of 2021.

We had remained hopeful throughout the winter that vaccine accessibility and public safety protocols would lead to a reduction in the number of infections, but New Hampshire—and the Northeast—is currently seeing an increase in daily infection rates. Community spread has been specifically noted as an indicator for current transmission. Though some workshops were adapted to be held outside with our protocols in place, others do not have this flexibility. We did not think it was fair, sensible, or safe to hold some workshops and not others.

We cannot yet give you an answer on programs from July through the Fall. We will assess the situation in time.

We remain committed to hands-on learning and building a place to cultivate creativity, joy, and community. That commitment includes keeping our community healthy and safe.

If you have questions on the 2021 Workshops listed in our Calendar, please contact Molly Bolick at


Sanborn Mills Farm Visitor Protocols

February 4th, 2021

We have developed protocols, for students and visitors to Sanborn Mills Farm, to enhance the visitor experience and to ensure both guest and staff safety during the remainder of the pandemic.  These protocols have been developed from materials published by the State of New Hampshire, CDC, and by our peer organization craft schools.

Please note that the Protocols may change at any time.

If you are attending a workshop or visiting the Farm, we will require you to sign a document agreeing to abide by the following regulations:

Temperature Check

  • All workshop attendees will have their temperature checked by a Sanborn Mills Farm staff member daily for the duration of their workshop.

Health Screening

  • All students will have a brief health screening upon arrival for their workshop.
  • If you develop symptoms or illness during the course of a workshop, please report this to staff or your instructor, and then leave the Farm as soon as you can.
  • All students will wash hands frequently with soap and water to help combat the spread of germs.

Mask and PPE Requirements

  • If you enter any building (for a workshop, to use a bathroom, or any other purpose) wearing a mask is mandatory. The Farm will have disposable masks available if you forget to bring one.
  • Masks must be cloth or the widely available disposable type. Cloth masks must be a double layer of washable, breathable fabric. Bandanas, neck gaiters, and masks with exhalation valves are prohibited. For more information on effective mask use, please read Coronavirus Face Masks & Protection FAQs from Johns Hopkins Medicine.
  • Do not share PPE (personal protective equipment): eye protection, hearing protection, gloves, etc.

Social Distancing

  • Students must maintain social distance of 6’ or more while outside and must wear a mask when that is not possible. For example, masks must be worn during outside programming when students are watching instructor demonstrations in close proximity to each other.
  • Participants should bring their own tools if possible (a list of specific blacksmithing tools will be sent to students in their Pre-Arrival Packet). Community tools will be available. Participants will sanitize community tools after use with EPA approved sanitation methods.

Adapted Teaching Spaces

  • All workshops that can be adapted to being conducted outdoors will be held outside under tents for the duration of the season.
  • Please prepare for your workshop to be conducted outdoors. Students should dress accordingly and consider water, bug spray, or warm layers for colder days.


  • Sanborn Mills Farm will clean and sanitize all restrooms twice a day according to EPA approved sanitation methods.
  • There will be hand sanitizer and surface sanitizer at each work station and in every restroom.
  • Participants will sanitize community tools after use with EPA approved sanitation methods.


  • Dorm rooms will not be available until further notice. If accommodation is needed, we can provide a space for camping (without electricity and running water.).
  • We can provide a list of local hotels and B&Bs.

Food Service

  • No food will be provided during the 2021 season until further notice. Participants should bring a bag lunch, filled private water bottle(s), and will use any of the picnic tables set around the farm for social distancing while eating.
  • Until the end of the pandemic, the farm will not be offering a shared refrigerator space. Participants are encouraged to bring a cooler for any items that may need to stay refrigerated.

If you are traveling from out of state, students must observe the following:

  • State of New Hampshire latest requirements for Out of State Travel. Current regulations require quarantine for fourteen (14) days after arriving in NH, before attending a workshop at Sanborn Mills Farm OR
  • Provide a staff member with a negative Covid-19 screening result. The results of the test must be no more than 48 hours before arriving at the farm OR
  • Proof of vaccination dated more than 30 days before the beginning of a workshop.
  • If you are feeling ill, or are experiencing cold/flu like symptoms, please stay home.

Refund policy

  • If Sanborn Mills Farm cancels a class for any reason, a full refund of tuition will be granted.
  • If a student needs to cancel due to Covid-19 related concerns, the farm will offer a full refund of tuition.
  • If a student becomes ill during a workshop, the workshop will be terminated, and students will be offered a refund of tuition, on a prorated basis.
  • If you violate the terms of these protocols, you will be asked to leave the Farm without a refund.

 Visiting the Farm

  • Sanborn Mills Farm will remain closed to casual visitors without permission until further notice.
  • If you wish to visit the Farm for any reason, you must call our office to set up a private tour at (603) 435-7314.


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