Hands To Work

Hands to Work is a collaborative educational partnership between Canterbury Shaker Village and Sanborn Mills, Inc.. The goal of the program is to utilize the unique resources of both historic sites to provide opportunities for in-depth immersion in the traditional crafts, music, occupational skills, and agricultural practices of New England.

Named for the Shaker motto “Hands to work, Hearts to God,” the Hands to Work program will allow people to learn skills and build community in the same workshops, fields, and forests where the Shakers established their legacy of innovation, excellence in craftsmanship and design – and where rugged Yankee individualists carved out a sustainable way of life in the rural countryside of New Hampshire.

Launched in July of 2014, Hands to Work will unfold in phases. Initial work will concentrate on research into other educational models across the country to ensure our program is successful and sustainable.


For more information on Hands to Work contact:

Lynn Martin Graton, Director of Folklife & Agriculture for Hands to Work
Ph: 603-491-0020
Email: lynn@sanbornmills.org   or    lmgsanbornHTW@shakers.org

While we are researching the broad goals and developing the programmatic details of Hands To Work, please take advantage of ongoing workshops and special events offered at both sites. We invite you to learn, experience, grow, and make new and lasting friends!

For current Shaker-inspired workshops offered by Canterbury Shaker Village, click here.

For the current listing of traditional occupational and farming workshops offered by Sanborn Mills Farm, click here.