Sanborn Mills Farm’s mission is to teach traditional crafts and farming methods while sustainably using its field and forest resources for its workshops and events.


Sanborn Mills Farm is a center for the renewal of the human spirit, a place to cultivate creativity and joy, and an anchor for our individual, collective, and shared experiences. SMF expands its traditional farming practices, including draft animal power, growing fruits, vegetables, animals, grains, trees, ornamental gardens, fiber, and other materials for use in making things.  Remaining rooted in regenerative practices our products are used in our community. SMF teaches traditional crafts, farming with draft animals, and animal husbandry and the skills need to repair, maintain and run water-powered mills and is guided by a desire to achieve perfection through what can be accomplished by working with one’s hands.


  • Honor the past by understanding and investing in the site
  • Preserve our cultural heritage
  • Provide a road less traveled that includes a working connection to the land as an alternate career path
  • Respect animals for the work they do and the food they provide and embrace the obligations and responsibilities of care that partnering with animals entails
  • Aspire to mastery of craft
  • Respect differences among people without assigning values
  • All people deserve a good, healthy life