eNews – Jan 2016 – Draft Animals in Winter

How do the draft animals like winter? (continued)

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Our two Percheron horses Willie and Rose wear shoes to protect their hooves and for traction year round. A special product called Drill Tech is added to the surface of their shoes to help give them better traction in the winter. As their feet grow out their shoes need to be re-set every six weeks or so and they get a brand new pair when the shoes are too thin to be re-set.
Starting this winter, our three oxen will be shod year around as well. The two young steers will be shod when they reach maturity.

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Ox man Brian Patten of Springfield, New Hampshire will be shoeing our oxen this year and, as with the horses, Drill Tech will be added to the turned down caulks of the shoes so they can move with confidence and not be injured when pulling heavy loads in uneven wintery conditions.
Are you wondering about Drill Tech?  Learn more here . . .