Aug 25, 2023 - August 27, 2023

Blacksmithing: Puukko Knife

Taught by: Jordan LaMothe

Workshop Fee: $400.00

The puukko is a small, rugged, utilitarian knife from Scandinavia, used for everything from wood carving to food preparation. Ranging from simple, functional knives to highly-carved heirlooms, puukkos are often prized possessions, and historically were carried nearly all the time. In the first two days of the class, students will learn to forge, grind, heat treat, and handle their own puukko knives. Special emphasis will be placed on proper fire maintenance and hammer control. The third day will be spent outfitting the finished puukkos with hand-stitched, leather sheaths, so each knife can take its place on the belt as a trusty tool on the farm and in the field. All experience levels are welcome to enroll.

Materials Fee: $30 paid at time of workshop.

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