Apr 17, 2024 - April 21, 2024(9am-5pm)

Classic Watercolor Paper Marbling

Taught by: Regina & Dan St. John

Workshop Fee: $625.00

The labor-intensive process used to create marbled papers before the 20th century involved the preparation of paints by mulling together prepared natural pigments, binder and a beeswax fixative. In this workshop you will learn this paint making process and how to make beautiful, classical marbled papers by using various additives to control the spreading of the paint and to achieve distinct classical patterns such as the Shell, Stormont, Glouster, Italian Vein and Tiger Eye.  Because the beeswax is embedded in the paint, a completed paper can be polished to a smooth, lustrous finish using an agate burnisher. In making our classic marbled paper, we will add the use of some pigments that were unavailable to our predecessors, but the process, as described above, is the same and the papers are amazing!    Though prior marbling experience is not required for the workshop, students should be enthusiastic about the paint-making challenge.

Skills and Techniques:

  • Students will learn about the history of marbling and how the coming of the industrial revolution forced significant changes in the types of marbling patterns that became more common.
  • Students will learn about what makes paint and what makes a marbling paint.
  • Students learn how to make their own marbling paint from start as it was done traditionally.
  • Students learn how the addition of an additive to one of the marbling paints radically changes the marbled paper that is created.
  • Students will learn how to burnish their marbled papers to a fine sheen as was done in the past when a beeswax paste was added to the marbler’s paint.


Materials Fee: $85 Paid directly to the instructor.

Special Tools or Equipment: Students should bring an apron and something with which to take notes.

Workshop Policies: Please be sure to read our policies before you register for a workshop which can be found here Workshop Policies


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