Jun 2, 2023 - June 4, 2023

Draft Animal Basics

Taught by: Ray Ramsey and Tyler Allen

Workshop Fee: $375.00

Are you considering an oxen team for your farm but wondering where to start? Join us for a three-day workshop to learn the things you need know about bringing a pair home, finding the right equipment for them, and learning how to work them. Our experienced instructors will train you in a safe and productive environment. Students will learn the basics of selecting a team or single ox, halter training, basic commands, and proper yoking and fitting. The instructors will demonstrate the navigation of a team with equipment while explaining proper body language, position, and voice commands. Students will have the opportunity to practice navigating their team on multiple pieces of equipment. When students feel comfortable, they will drive teams throughout Sanborn Mills Farm under the supervision of our experienced teamsters. Much of the training will be based upon the day-to-day work at Sanborn Mills Farm. Students are encouraged to bring a team to the farm and should contact Ray Ramsey at least three weeks prior to the workshop start date to discuss this possibility. Out-of-state cattle must have a state health certificate from a veterinarian. No “intact” bulls over the age of 8 months are permitted on the farm. This workshop will be offered in April and June.

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