Oct 14, 2023 - October 15, 2023

Draft Animal Logging with Oxen

Taught by: Ray Ramsey and Tyler Allen

Workshop Fee: $275.00

In this workshop, instructors Ray Ramsey and Tyler Allen will demonstrate each piece of equipment focusing on driver and animal safety and efficiency. Much of the training will be based upon the day-to-day work at Sanborn Mills Farm, in which oxen singles and teams haul fire wood and saw logs from deep in the woods along trails to the main road.

The function of the logging forecart, scoot, and go-devil will be explained before heading out to the woods with the animals. Proper use of a peavey for rolling logs, and the correct way to hook logs with choker chains – both to a cart and by twitching (ground skidding) – will be covered. The workshop will move at a pace agreeable for all students. Instructors will take time to work safely and explain each function in detail.

Students are encouraged to bring a team to the farm and should contact Ray Ramsey at least three weeks prior to the workshop start date to discuss this possibility. Out-of-state cattle must have a state health certificate from a veterinarian. No “intact” bulls over the age of 8 months are permitted on the farm. All workshops run from 9AM- 5PM with an hour for lunch in the middle of the day.

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