The Farm Fields

There are about 30 acres of hay fields surrounding the Main House, which provide hay to the Farm’s animals and to the community. There is a place for pigs to root in a grove of oak trees behind the Red House. Sheep and cattle will be pastured both at the Red House and at the Merrill Farm up the road. Farm Manager Ray Ramsey is growing grains (including rye, wheat, oats, buckwheat, corn, and flax) on a couple of acres of flat ground on the Merrill Farm and across Pittsfield Road from the entrance to Sanborn Road. Ray has restored animal powered machinery to do this work including plows, harrows, a seed drill, a combine binder, and a thresher. In 2020, some of the grain Ray grew was ground in the water-powered Grist Mill to create a mash for a local distiller. In the future we hope he will create a private label whiskey created entirely by hand, helped by animal and water power, and completely free of any connection or use of petrochemicals.


7097 Sanborn Road
Loudon, New Hampshire 03307

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