Sep 20, 2023 - September 24, 2023

The Art of Shibori with Indigo

Taught by: Debbie Maddy

Workshop Fee: $600.00

This workshop is open to all levels of indigo dyers. I hope to take everyone beyond the simple fold and clamp techniques. There will be a strong emphasis on working toward more detailed and intricate designs. I will teach several different Arashi or pole wrapping techniques to achieve very unusual designs. We will be doing itajime or fold and clamp but with dyeing and then moving the clamps and re-dyeing or itajime followed by arashi pole wrapping the same fabric. The stitching patterns will be as simple as Ori Nui done with simple basting style stitches to waves and circles and chevron effects. I will teach how to pleat and then stitch the cloth for the wonderful Katano designs. All of our dyeing will be done in organic indigo vats with no harsh chemicals. The final part of the class will be on finishing your fabrics to help with light fastness and wash fastness. All of the fabrics can be used for garments, quilts, scarves, and or home decor. All workshops run from 9AM- 5PM with an hour for lunch in the middle of the day.

Materials Fee: $25-$30 Paid at time of workshop.

Workshop Overview & Supplies

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