Aug 19, 2023 - August 20, 2023

Copperplate Calligraphy

Taught by: Laura Di Piazza

Workshop Fee: $220.00

In this introductory weekend workshop we will focus on the elegant pointed-pen Copperplate hand (also known as English Roundhand.) Copperplate is the calligraphic script that the body of the United States Declaration of Independence was inscribed in. Copperplate was developed in 16th century Europe and became widely used in the 19th century. Calligraphy, like many other no/low tech crafts, is making a comeback, as can be seen by the nearly 20M tags of #calligraphy on Instagram. Copperplate is a beautiful and slowly inscribed hand that’s constructed stroke by connecting stroke and by applying varying pressure to the nib. All workshops run from 9AM- 5PM with an hour for lunch in the middle of the day.

Materials Fee: $25 Paid at time of workshop.

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