Oct 18, 2023 - October 22, 2023

Ikat, Shibori & Indigo: New Paths for Ancient Partners

Taught by: Mary Zicafoose & Sara Goodman

Workshop Fee: $600.00

This intensive workshop will teach techniques drawing from two honored traditions: Indigo and Ikat. Students will learn how to establish, use, and maintain a natural indigo vat, dipping both yarn and fabric. Some introductory shibori techniques will be taught on commercially woven cloth. Students will also be instructed in the precise and sequential steps to plan, measure, stretch, wrap, dye, unwrap and weave yarn for warp ikat weaving applications. Through the ikat indigo exercises students with an interest in weaving and surface design will enhance their skills and fluency at both the loom and dye pot. The Japanese art of shibori, or shaped resist, is a method of manipulating cloth by stitching, folding, pleating, wrapping and binding fabric under pressure, to create patterns on cloth. There are hundreds of precise shibori techniques, and you can also invent your own. The patterns are made by blocking dye from entering the cloth in some places and allowing the dye to seep into others. Ikat is a refined and beautiful textile technique of resist-dyeing pattern into individual threads before weaving. It is a complex multi-phased fiber process resulting in graphically elaborate and vibrant woven cloth. Ikat wrapped yarns, when dipped in vats of indigo dye, instantly become timeless, immersed in an ancient partnership between tradition, intention, and design. Participants in this five-day workshop will design, wrap, dye, warp and weave a classic indigo blue and white ikat scarf, while learning the basic technique of the shifted warp ikat process. This class is a rare opportunity to study with contemporary weaver, Mary Zicafoose and indigo dyer, Sara Goodman as they merge their respective talents to offer this unique experience in cloth making. All workshops run from 9AM- 5PM with an hour for lunch in the middle of the day.

Materials Fee: $50 Paid at time of workshop. Covers notebook of instructions and recipes, dye, cloth for shibori, ikat tape, auxiliary supplies.

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