Apr 6, 2024 - April 6, 2024(9am - 5pm)

Mokok: A Bark Basket

Taught by: Jennifer Lee

Workshop Fee: $125.00

A Mokok is a Northeast Woodland Native American-style container made of bark, stitched with spruce roots. The bottom is rectangular, the top is round or oval. They were originally used to harvest and store food and accouterments. In this class, you’ll learn to sew with spruce roots that you’ll prepare. If the roots are thick enough, you’ll split them. An inner and outer rim is made by splitting a red willow stick that is bent gradually. Different stitching patterns will be shown. If you finish in time and so desire, you can embellish your basket with a collar and /or appliqué. Ash Bark photos are shown.

Materials Fee: $90 paid directly to the instructor.

Special Tools or Equipment: Utility knife, scissors, four-sided awl, needle nose plyers, a bowl or cup for water. Please wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty.

Workshop Policies: Please be sure to read our policies before you register for a workshop which can be found here Workshop Policies

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