Katama Murray

Katama Murray (she/her), owner and founder of Teach Peace Prints, is an eco artist and educator from the small, coastal town of Blue Hill, Maine. Her work is inspired by phenomenological rhythms of nature and our interconnectedness to the environment. Living and studying throughout various parts of New England, she has always been influenced by the outdoors and the ways in which we coexist with the natural world. Katama has a BFA in Printmaking from Plymouth State University in New Hampshire and an MFA in Printmaking from Indiana
University Bloomington. She has taught and exhibited work throughout New England and beyond, yet will always be drawn to the beauty of the east coast. With a passion for multidisciplinary making, she strives to learn and teach together with people of all ages, hoping to inspire others to become more connected to the earth through observing and art making.


7097 Sanborn Road
Loudon, New Hampshire 03307

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