Katama Murray

Teach Peace Prints is a small, woman-owned business led by Katama Murray, which focuses on printmaking and fiber techniques that utilize natural materials. As an eco artist, educator and naturalist, Katama is inspired by patterns, shapes, and colors that dwell within natural spaces and organisms. Growing up along the coast of Downeast Maine and regions of New England, she has always been influenced by the outdoors and the ways in which we coexist with the natural world. Katama has a BFA in Printmaking from Plymouth State University in New Hampshire and an MFA in Printmaking from Indiana University-Bloomington. She has taught workshops and exhibited work throughout New England and beyond, yet will always be drawn to the beauty of the Northeast coast. Since starting the Teach Peace Prints journey in 2020, she creates handmade products on paper and fabric using a variety of materials and processes, and enjoys combining interconnected techniques while mindfully collaborating with the natural world. Sewn, naturally dyed, and printed by hand, TPP offers unique, one of a kind products for those who wish to bring elements of nature into their homes and daily lives. Featuring items such as everyday textiles, prints and creative supplies for fellow makers, each collection of work is seasonally inspired and based on the importance of place. Tuning into the rhythm of the seasons and the plants that exist within those moments in time help to foster a deeper connection to local environments with respect, admiration, and care. Sharing these process-driven techniques to individuals and communities through educational opportunities such as workshops and events is a way to further connect and inspire one another through making and learning. Katama believes that the process of making and constant learning in tandem with nature can help to encourage further awareness and appreciation of our natural surroundings.


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