Your contributions help us continue our mission to teach traditional crafts and farming methods while sustainably utilizing our field and forest resources for workshops and events.

Support Sanborn Mills Farm

Your contribution will be used to keep the cost of Sanborn Mills Farm’s workshops low, so that more people can come away from their experience with the sense of accomplishment that results from working with one’s hands. In addition to championing artisanal craft, our programs try hard to use our natural resources sustainably.  For instance, our regeneratively farmed natural dye garden, our flax field, and the fleece from our sheep, are all used in our fiber workshops. Nothing goes to waste.

The Founding and the Future of Sanborn Mills Farm

Colin and Paula Cabot bought Sanborn Mills farm from the Sanborn family, who settled the land in 1770, and began renovations in 1997 in order to preserve the farm and transform it into something that would have a meaningful future. In the summer of 2016, the Cabots transferred ownership of the entire farm to the non-profit known as Sanborn Mills, Inc., a 501 (c) 3 registered New Hampshire charity and a supporting organization of the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance. The buildings have been remodeled to provide overnight sleeping quarters and a farm-to-table kitchen to serve our workshop participants. The Cabots have established an endowment as a dedicated fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation to provide ongoing upkeep of the farm’s infrastructure in order to keep the cost of programs low for as many people as is possible.

Sanborn Mills Farm

7097 Sanborn Road

Loudon, New Hampshire

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