Board of Directors

Sanborn Mills Inc. benefits from the intersection of the many skills and interests of our Board members.

Current members of the Farm’s Board of Directors include:

Galen Beale

Kathy Bogle-Shields

Colin Cabot

Paula Cabot

Michael Duffy

Elizabeth Durfee Hengen

Lynne Emerson Monroe

Ben Wilson

Jennifer Goodman (ad hoc)


Colin Cabot
Founder & Executive Director

Mary Witschonke
Business Manager

Kevin A. Schurman
Infrastructure Manager

Kevin M. Schurman
Operations Manager

Ray Ramsey
Farm Manager

Marsha Grizwin
Program Manager

Lea Rossignol
Outreach and Development Coordinator & Director of Northern New England Fibershed

Craig Mabie
Studio Manager

Steve Bjerklie
Communications Consultant

Sara Goodman
Dye and Fiber Consultant

Kelly Fahey
Kitchen Manager/Head Chef 

Helen Westergren
Head Gardener

Madison St. George
Assistant Gardener

Dominica Pechan
CSA Coordinator

Tyler Allen
Livestock Manager & Teamster

Lars Prillaman


Brian Clough
Millwright & Sawyer

Ray St. Pierre

Jeremy Morse

Joe Poisson

Logan Clough
Mill + Sawyer Support

Jennifer Merrill
Vegetable Gardener


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Loudon, New Hampshire 03307

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