The Lord & Burnham Greenhouse

Our Lord & Burnham Greenhouse was originally built in Brookline, MA in 1919. It is a No. 22 in their Glass Garden Series and was integrated into the house on the backside. In the early 2000s owners Vivian and Lionel Spiro sold the property and realized the next owners planned to tear it down.  After several years of looking for a home, the greenhouse was gifted to Sanborn Mills in 2019 . 

It arrived in pieces and took several years to sort out and repair the cast iron components, which had to be sandblasted and repainted.  Originally heated by an attached furnace room, it is now kept warm with propane and electricity. Rainwater is collected through the gutters on both sides and used to irrigate as much as possible. Although it is extremely inefficient by modern standards, it is an important visual component of the garden and a special destination during visits to the Farm.