Jun 1, 2024 - June 1, 2024(9am - 5pm)

Rib Style Melon Basket

Taught by: Wendy Jensen

Workshop Fee: $135.00

Ribbed basketry techniques came to the US from the British Isles and were often made in Appalachia using local oak trees. In this workshop, learn to weave a rib style basket using premade oak hoops, rattan ribs and seagrass/cane weavers. Students will learn how to lash oak hoops together with a rattan 4 point lashing, also known as the God’s eye. Rattan ribs will be formed and tapered for the desired shape. The basket weaving will begin with fine cane weavers and then switch to seagrass to finish the basket. Basket dimensions are approximately 10” wide x 10”high.

Skills and Techniques:

  • Rib basket construction
  • Shaping the basket with tapered ribs
  • Weaving techniques to fill the ribbed form


Materials Fee: $55 paid directly to the instructor. Fee covers all materials for the basket as well as a written pattern and use of tools for the workshop.

Special Tools or Equipment: none

Workshop Policies: Please be sure to read our policies before you register for a workshop which can be found here Workshop Policies

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