Sep 28, 2024 - September 29, 2024(9am - 5pm)

Salisbury Fancy Black Ash Basket

Taught by: Alice Ogden

This workshop offers students the opportunity to work with some of the finest basket making materials NH offers.  Already harvested black ash splints are used for weaving this heirloom treasure.  White oak rims and handles are hand shaved using traditional methods. Basket size measures 12 x 10 x 5 in height.

Students will learn the basic weaving skills used to weave the two widths of splints that create the simple design for the basket base and sides.  Chase weaving is taught in class and then used in weaving the fine prepared splints that are woven for the sides.  Rim and handle attachment is taught in class.

Prior experience weaving baskets is required.

Materials Fee: $245

Special Tools or Equipment: water container (dish pan will do) scissors and an awl.

Please be sure to read our policies before you register for a workshop which can be found here Workshop Policies

Workshop Fee: $250.00

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