The Meadow Garden

Between the Main House and the Old Blacksmith Shop in what used to be a sheep pasture, the Farm team planted 7,250 spring bulbs in 2018, including daffodils, jonquils, narcissus, glory-of-the-snow (Chionodoxa), scilla, wolf’s bane (Aconite), and Martagon lilies (Lilium martagon). Later, seed for lupine and poppies were scattered over the bulbs. There are nine apple varieties and two quince trees planted 30 feet apart and under-planted with comfry, which will probably require the Meadow Garden to be renamed the orchard in the future. In addition, several perennial shrubs are included in the mix including Carolina bush peat (Thermopsis villosa). In 2020, the meadow flowers were crowded out by the native grasses and weeds, so the farm maintenance crew removed the top one inch of sod from one of the beds, which was then overseeded with a meadow seed mix and mulched to keep down the weeds. If successful, in 2021 the process will be extended to all the beds in the Meadow Garden.


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