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Sanborn Mills Farm is a working farm with a mission to sustain and teach traditional farming and craft skills while stewarding its agricultural landscape for social, environmental, and economic benefits.

We are a center for renewal of the human spirit, a place to cultivate creativity and joy, and an anchor for our individual, collective, and shared experiences. We strive to expand traditional farming practices, including draft animal power, growing fruits, vegetables, animals, grains, trees, ornamental gardens, fiber, and other materials for use in making things.

Each year, Sanborn Mills Farm offers workshops from April through November in blacksmithing, fibers, textiles, woodworking, gardening, farming with draft animals, cooking, herbalism, and wildcrafting. We have a focus on craft and traditional arts of New England, but offer hands-on learning opportunities in diverse areas including farm and garden, fiber arts, woodworking, and blacksmithing. Courses range from a few hours to 6 days. We offer introductory, intermediate, and advanced level courses, as well as specific technique and skill-building topics. Many of our workshops are open to all three skill levels.


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Sanborn Mills Farm

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