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My experience restoring historic sash began where most all things begin – at home – with the repair of windows in our 1799 center chimney cape, located at the end of a proverbial ‘long and winding’ country road in Andover, New Hampshire.  While that was well over a decade ago, my love for historic homes and buildings started years earlier when I was just a kid. I grew up in a small northern New England town where the homes and town offices and churches that dotted the Town Green proudly displayed plaques boasting the year in which they were built.  I became aware of the importance of preservation early on and, from a young age, adopted an admiration and respect for the craftsmanship evident in all of these historic buildings.  And their windows, made from old-growth wood, with their pulleys and weights and thick, wavy glass are, to me, any historic building’s crowning jewel.  

After repairing and installing those first windows years ago, I have restored and fabricated hundreds of sash in homes, churches, Meeting Houses, libraries and historic buildings throughout northern New England. I approach each project with great care and pride myself on taking the careful steps required for excellent restoration.