The Old Blacksmith Shop

The story-and-a-half blacksmith shop measures 31 by 29 feet, has no foundation and is constructed in the scribe rule post and beam style with a purlined roof system. There is no documentation of its construction date. The building is recorded as “Shop” on the 1858 map of the area. The structure has a gable roof of modern cedar shingles, and its interior forge chimney was rebuilt in the 1980s.

Parts of the old forge remain, as does the old hand-operated bellows.

There is a nineteenth century ox sling in the south east bay of the building. The are large doors at both ends of the center bay, another large door for access to the ox sling and a small door in the center of the gable wall next to the forge.

The exterior of the shop is covered in horizontal wide board planking. There a single 9 over 6 double hung windows on the north, west and south sides and a 12 by 12-pane sliding casement on the east side over a workbench in the forge bay.