Jun 1, 2024 - June 1, 2024(9am - 5pm)

Blacksmithing: Iron as Clay

Taught by: Ashen Carey

Workshop Fee: $150.00

Iron has surprising plasticity.  It can be pushed, twisted and stretched into beautiful forms, just like clay.  This one-day workshop will be an exploration of iron’s ability to transform shape and dimension.  We’ll create early Baroque leaves, small dragon heads, and free-form elements.  We’ll learn how to view iron as a three-dimensional sculpting material, and boldly forge it as such.  This class will make your decorative ironwork pop!  Anyone with some experience forging (whether a little or a lot) is welcome.

Skills and Techniques:

  • Proper fire tending and control
  • Forging techniques that radically change the dimensionality of the material
  • Working with an array of hand tools and handled tools


Materials Fee: Included in the cost of the workshop

Special Tools or Equipment: The farm makes available to students eye and ear protection, gloves, and aprons. Comfortable closed toed shoes and street clothes are recommended. If you have forge tools you like working with you are welcome to bring them.

Please be sure to read our policies before you register for a workshop which can be found here Workshop Policies

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