Oct 19, 2024 - October 20, 2024(9am - 5pm)

Felted Fleece Seat Pad

Taught by: Jo Hesse

Taking shorn wool and recreating the structure that it had when it was attached to the sheep’s body is one of the most edifying experiences in felt making. It will teach you, very viscerally, what felt is and how it works. This course is an ideal introduction to the craft. On the other hand, if you have experience making felt but have worked only with processed wool, this class will offer a deeper understanding of the material. Felt making is a study of patience, and each step in the process is slow. We will have lots of time to discuss the domestication and evolution of wool-producing animals, the qualities of various sheep breeds’ coats, the history of wool processing technologies, and the nature of felt and other nonwoven fabrics. We will produce a small seat pad, but you will leave with skills that can be used to make larger rugs or wall hangings or which can be integrated into other types of felt making projects.

We will also discuss the possible creative applications of shag-textured felt in other types of projects.

Skills and Techniques:

  • How to identify wool that is suitable for felting
  • How to wash, rinse, dry, and card raw wool
  • How to make shag-textured felt
  • The intertwined history of domesticated sheep and felt making


Materials Fee: Sanborn Mills Farm will supply the fleeces from their own Border Leicester breed to work with at $25 per pound. You can expect to use between half a pound and one pound of wool during the workshop. The color will be natural white.

If you wish to use a different type of fleece, you may bring your own, and after testing that it is suitable for the project, you may use it instead. However, if it proves to be unsuitable you will have to use the wool that the teacher provides.

Special Tools or Equipment: 2 bath towels, a 3’x3’ square of mosquito netting, cotton sheeting, or canvas to felt inside of, a 3’ segment of a pool noodle, hand carders if you have them, one medium-thick knitting needle, or a long-handled comb.

Workshop Policies: Please be sure to read our policies before you register for a workshop which can be found here Workshop Policies

Workshop Fee: $250.00

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