The Stream Garden

At the base of the Sawmill is a wooded area shaded primarily by two majestic 200-year old Red Oaks (Quercus rubra). The peninsula below houses a robust population of Cardinal Flower (Lobelia cardinalis) and drifts of Lady Fern (Athryum felix-femina). Through selective clearing, the garden was opened up to allow more plant diversity and create a destination space during the hot summer months. 

This garden is now home to a beautiful display of spring ephermeals including Phlox stolonifera, Tiarella cordifolia, and Trillium grandiflorum which peak the second or third week of May. In the summer, there are many ferns to admire including Dryopteris crassorhizoma, Adiatum peltatum, and Polystichum acrostichoides. Fall brings the swaths of red Lobelia along with Mimulus ringens and a variety of native asters displayed on a beautiful backdrop of New England fall foliage.