Oct 12, 2024 - October 13, 2024(9am - 5pm)

Baker’s Dozen: Alternative Techniques & Materials in Rug Hooking

Taught by: Elizabeth Miller

The basic loop is the foundational technique of traditional rug hooking, however, there are many more techniques applicable to this art that can add texture, interest, movement, and meaning to a finished piece. In this workshop we will explore ‘beyond the basic loop’ as well as experiment with materials in addition to cut wool strips and yarn. These additional materials can include acrylic paint, silk, sari ribbon, taffeta, tee shirt material, wool roving, embroidery floss and perl cotton, stretch velvet, and more, as well as beads, buttons, gemstones, shells, and other found objects. Students are encouraged to bring any materials that may have significant meaning to them as well.

Techniques and a discussion on how to apply them will include: chain stitch, introductory proddy, applique, stuffed applique, French knots, faux French knots, shearing, acrylic paint embellishment, the use of beads & other stitch-ons, quillies/standing wool, beading/checkerboarding, surface needle felting, tunneling, multiple material loops, and whatever else may come up in context! This is a time to be inventive.

Students will be encouraged to create a sampler of the techniques as they are demonstrated and then imaginatively incorporate those into a rug hooking pattern of their choice. The instructor will provide serged linen for the sampler. Students will provide their choice of rug hooking pattern. Students are encouraged to get in touch with the instructor prior to the workshop if they would like guidance on designing/choosing an appropriate pattern that will lend itself to the textural exploration this workshop provides.

Students should have basic traditional rug hooking skills, meaning competence in pulling basic loops. Long experience or advanced skills are not necessary. This workshop is a great next step for beginners who have completed a few projects or for experienced rug hookers who are interested in learning or practicing new techniques.

Skills and Techniques:

  • Exposure to and hands on practice of over a dozen techniques to be used in addition to the basic loop in rug hooking. These are listed in the workshop overview.
  • Familiarization with materials beyond cut wool and wool yarn; practice in choosing these materials for the desired artistic result.
  • Practice in choosing alternative textural techniques and materials to convey moods or feelings, particular design elements, motion, and more in any hooked art piece.
  • Discussion of evaluating a rug pattern or inspirational scene and matching the right materials and techniques to the project.
  • Gaining confidence in making “out of the box” design and application decisions in the creation of art, as well as confidence in one’s own artistic sense and style.
  • Review of value/contrast, line, shape, texture, light/shadow in the context of choosing alternative materials and techniques.


Materials Fee: $55.00 paid directly to the instructor.

Special Tools or Equipment: Students should bring a rug hooking frame or hoop, a hook they are comfortable with, a pattern on foundation, small scissors, and any materials that have special meaning to them or that they’d like to experiment with. The instructor will also have extra hoops and hooks on hand, wool cutters, tapestry needles, felting needles and blocks, and a buffet of hooking and embellishing materials for students to experiment with and use in their projects.

Workshop Policies: Please be sure to read our policies before you register for a workshop which can be found here Workshop Policies

Workshop Fee: $250.00

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