Sanborn Mills Farm

Where craft, learning, farming, and gardening meet in New Hampshire’s historic landscape.

We practice traditional farming, milling, gardening, and blacksmithing to honor and respect legacy skills and knowledge.

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Latest News

Up-and-Down Saw Demonstration Friday, Nov. 12

Come to the Farm on Friday, Nov. 12, to see a demonstration of our newly completed water-powered up-and-down saw at the Sanborn Mills Farm sawmill. Beginning at 10 a.m., our sawyer extraordinaire, Brian Clough, will be on hand until noon to demonstrate this...

New Construction at the Farm

Lots of exciting new construction is taking place at Sanborn Mills Farm this fall. The brickwork and frame have been installed for our new/old 18x32 Lord and Burnham Greenhouse, which is located on the hill behind the Main House. This 100-year-old iron, wood, and...

A Beautiful Day for a Rye Harvest

Saturday, July 24, couldn't have been a lovelier day to take in the rye harvest at Sanborn Mills Farm. Two teams of draft horses -- one team of Percherons, another team of Belgians -- pulled the harvester through the rye field at the Merrill Farm on the far end of...