Jul 24, 2024 - July 28, 2024(9am-5pm)

From the Fields and Rows: Hand Paper Making for Personal Use

Taught by: Catherine Cross Tsintzos

In keeping with the mission and values of Sanborn Mills Farm students will be immersed in a creative natural environment that includes gardens, fields, rows and forest resources to explore traditional methods that can be integrated into modern life. During the five days of learning about hand paper making students learn how to make their own paper using regenerative sustainable practices. By working with seasonal agricultural fibers, students will connect to the natural flow of the garden.

Participants will cook and process materials for pounding, pulp creation and sheet formations with two and three dimensional options. Education in how natural materials determine outcomes will be explored. Learn seed to paper methods for working with harvested materials to design for a variety of end uses. Learn when to harvest, storage options for raw materials and pulps, ways to use documentation, seed saving and how to plant a dye and paper making garden.

Work with a variety of hand paper making tools both western and eastern, washi.  Explore options for using pulp to create two and three dimensional works as well as how to create a handmade artist book introducing simple bookbinding stitches.

Leave this five day workshop with an expanded vocabulary, understanding of tool use, sizings and how to dry and press. Examine and use different types of mould and deckles including deckle boxes, as well as the su and keta.  Depart the five days with a variety of papers from different pulps that connect you with Sanborn Mills Farm and the knowledge to continue the hand paper making process at home.  Students will have the opportunity to make their own mould and deckle.

Materials Fee: $10 Paid directly to the instructor.

Special Tools or Equipment: none

Workshop Policies: Please be sure to read our policies before you register for a workshop which can be found here Workshop Policies

Workshop Fee: $625.00

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